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Stonebrook Capital Management is a next generation investment advisor providing clients with sophisticated investment strategies. Our strategies are designed to maximize returns when the market is trending higher and protect wealth when the markets trend lower. By using innovative technologies and big data, we provide our clients a better investing experience. Our tactical model portfolios have outperformed their benchmarks while limiting market risk.

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Stonebrook has been advising clients on socially responsible investing since 1999. We are committed to helping our clients invest for the future while remaining true to their values. We continue to see great opportunity in investments that are making a positive impact on our world.

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Stonebrook Capital Management is an independent investment advisor. We manage investment accounts for individuals and Institutions & Foundations.

We are different from other advisors in that we are proactive in attempts to minimize risk and volatility while maximizing returns. We remain flexible, because we know that forecasting the future is impossible. We feel that risk management is one of the keys to successful investing yet it is the part that most investors and advisors fail at. Stonebrook manages risk through tactical asset allocation across asset classes, selling of securities whose trends are breaking down and by paying attention to market trends as well as valuations. Stonebrook has an excellent long term performance record. Clients choose Stonebrook because they want a high level of service, customized solutions to their investment needs, and are looking for more than the standard Wall St herd mentality. Stonebrook has assembled the very best of research, tools, & technology to help you achieve superior results.

About Us


Stonebrook Capital Management, Inc is an independent registered investment advisor offering comprehensive investment services to individuals, retirement plans, institutions, foundations, & family offices. From custom financial planning to individual portfolio management, our objective and proactive investment solutions will simplify your life and help you reach your financial goals.

Stonebrook offers high quality, unbiased investment advice based on solid expertise. Our principals have between 19 years and over 40 years investment industry experience. Using research from leading independent sources and our own original work, we will help you capitalize on opportunities and manage risk. We look for value worldwide and in all asset classes. We intensively monitor your investments, industry and legislative trends, and overall market trends to keep your portfolio aligned with your goals. When markets trend lower we employ defensive strategies such as allocating into other asset classes to reduce volatility, limit losses, and protect your capital.

We can offer a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your unique needs by the professionals of Stonebrook Capital Management. Our seasoned investment advisors excel at listening to you, discerning what your financial goals and risk tolerances are, and customizing a roadmap for you to achieve them.

However simple or complex your financial life is we can devise a well-researched and diversified investment portfolio to match it .Using independent research and the most sophisticated planning and management tools, we can properly position your portfolio for optimum return compatible with your objectives and risk tolerance.

Financial Planning


Stonebrook believes that a sound plan is the best first step toward reaching your financial goals. Using sophisticated tools, we can help you clearly define your goals and risk tolerances, plan for special circumstances, and help you reach those goals.

Stonebrook uses state of the art software to help define the client risk tolerances and objectives that will guide the portfolio management process, as well as produce a mathematical model to forecast the probability of meeting your goals.

Stonebrook Capital Management has experience helping company executives manage company stock options including specific advice on NUA strategies, and sensible, long term planning for the diversification of concentrated equity positions.

We are experts in IRAs and can assist you with complex questions regarding rollovers, Roth IRA conversions, and multi-generation stretch IRA strategies.

Investment Management


Our sophisticated strategies revolve around a set of model portfolios. These innovative tactical model portfolios have consistently outperformed their benchmarks. They have done this while lowering the overall portfolio drawdowns when the market trends lower. We utilize advanced algorithms which are based on Nobel Prize winning research and extensively tested on real world data.

Our tactical portfolios own the strongest sectors in the market and avoid the laggards. This improves performance when the markets move higher. When markets trend lower, the tactical portfolios shift your assets to safety until market conditions improve.

Investors may choose to own one or more models with all or a portion of their portfolio.

We tailor our portfolios to match any investor’s risk tolerance and goals, suitable for investors at different stages of their investing journey.

Socially Responsible


Make an impact with your investment portfolio.

In today’s world it can feel like the politicians are not listening, and that your vote doesn’t count. The good news is that your investments make a difference. Your investment portfolio speaks louder than your words & it is more powerful than your vote. Corporations are listening. With the speed and distribution of information and the rise of social media, voices are being heard. Corporations know that irresponsible behavior is noticed and will not be tolerated. Stonebrook has been crafting socially responsible portfolios since 1999.

Did you know that some of the largest socially responsible mutual funds own companies involved in Fracking, Timber, and traditional Oil & Gas? Our socially responsible portfolios have no investments in fossil fuels. Furthermore, they invest in impact companies that are working to solve the worlds toughest problems.

As more and more investors join the movement there is another benefit, and it will directly impact your retirement. The potentially massive amounts of wealth that shift from average company stocks to the socially responsible stocks could create a scenario where SRI stocks outperform the rest of the market by a wide margin. This is where you and your retirement benefit financially by doing the right thing. A look at clean energy stocks over the last 3 years may provide a clue to future trends. Between January 2017 – Decemebr 2019, clean energy stocks gained 97%, while traditional energy stocks returned -9%.

Talk to us today & join the movement! Your investments CAN change the world.

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To all investors interested in making socially responsible investments, I have 2 words for you: Caveat Emptor. From latin, the phrase means buyer beware and is fitting in this case. The ESG investing trend is powerful and it can make a huge impact on the world in the coming decades. Investors wishing to make their voices heard now have many choices, but most ETFs devoted to these themes have holdings that would make their investors...
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Solar stocks continue to dominate vs traditional energy stocks. In 1966 the Beatles recorded “Good day sunshine”, and it was released on Revolver that same year. Today is (another) good day for solar energy stocks. Investors that have put their money into solar stocks are smiling. We noted at the end of 2019 that Solar stocks had had their 3rd straight year of outperformance over traditional energy companies. During the stretch of Jan 2017- December...