Make an impact with your investment portfolio.

In today’s world it can feel like the politicians are not listening, and that your vote doesn’t count. The good news is that your investments make a difference. Your investment portfolio speaks louder than your words & it is more powerful than your vote. Corporations are listening. With the speed and distribution of information and the rise of social media, voices are being heard. Corporations know that irresponsible behavior is noticed and will not be tolerated. Stonebrook has been crafting socially responsible portfolios since 1999.

Did you know that some of the largest socially responsible mutual funds own companies involved in Fracking, Timber, and traditional Oil & Gas? Our socially responsible portfolios have no investments in fossil fuels. Furthermore, they invest in impact companies that are working to solve the worlds toughest problems.

As more and more investors join the movement there is another benefit, and it will directly impact your retirement. The potentially massive amounts of wealth that shift from average company stocks to the socially responsible stocks could create a scenario where SRI stocks outperform the rest of the market by a wide margin. This is where you and your retirement benefit financially by doing the right thing. A look at clean energy stocks over the last 3 years may provide a clue to future trends. Between January 2017 – Decemebr 2019, clean energy stocks gained 97%, while traditional energy stocks returned -9%.

Talk to us today & join the movement! Your investments CAN change the world.