Stonebrook Capital Management is an independent investment advisor. We manage investment accounts for individuals and Institutions & Foundations.

We are different from other advisors in that we are proactive in attempts to minimize risk and volatility while maximizing returns. We remain flexible, because we know that forecasting the future is impossible. We feel that risk management is one of the keys to successful investing yet it is the part that most investors and advisors fail at. Stonebrook manages risk through tactical asset allocation across asset classes, selling of securities whose trends are breaking down and by paying attention to market trends as well as valuations. Stonebrook has an excellent long term performance record. Clients choose Stonebrook because they want a high level of service, customized solutions to their investment needs, and are looking for more than the standard Wall St herd mentality. Stonebrook has assembled the very best of research, tools, & technology to help you achieve superior results.